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Why play with LottoKings?

Why Play with LottoKings

There’s nothing like choosing the most amazing lottery, selecting your numbers, and then waiting for the draw that could make you a Millionaire! 
Just place your order and let the LottoKings team take care of the rest. If your numbers come up, you’re a winner and 100% of the prize is yours, LottoKings do not charge any commission on your winnings. The price of your ticket is all you ever pay.

How does LottoKings work?

With LottoKings, playing the lottery is very simple. Choose the lottery you like, then select the amount of tickets and the numbers you want to play with. We also offer the Quick Pick option where our system selects your lucky numbers for you. 
Finish the order and you’ve secured your stake in the next available draw.

How does LottoKings work

Why play lotteries around the world?

With LottoKings you can expand your horizons. We give you access to the big jackpots you’ve always dreamed of winning. Over 20 games at your fingertips and Billions to win every week. No matter where you are, LottoKings guarantees your play and the payment of your winnings.

About LottoKings

What LottoKings has to offer

The most convenient way to play on the results of the richest lotteries from around the world.

Official national lotteries are incredibly popular around the world, but until now you had to be in the country if you want to play them. With LottoKings you can play over 20 different lottery games from your home computer.

Owned by Legacy Eight Curaçao NVLottoKings offers you a way to bet on the outcome of the richest and most exciting lottery games in the world. Their clients are in more than 140 countries and many have been playing with LottoKings for over 7 years.

How does LottoKings work?

Playing the lotteries at LottoKings is just like shopping online at any other website.

Simply go to www.lottokings.com and you can see information on every lottery, its jackpot and draw dates.

Jackpots on the biggest lottery games can often pass $100 Million. For example, USA Mega Millions is the world’s richest lottery. It has a jackpot which starts at $15 Million dollars and the record rollover jackpot is $1.6 Billion.

When you play with LottoKings you can choose you want to play based on the detailed information we provide. Some offer better odds, whole some offer bigger jackpots and regular rollovers. You can also choose the number of bets you want and the numbers to play with. Alternatively, select the Quick Pick option to choose your numbers for you.

Once you have signed-in, deposited funds in your account and played a bet, you only have to wait to become a winner. If you win, we will notify you and help you collect your prize money.

The price you pay for LottoKings’ service includes the bet and our management fee. This is all you will ever pay to LottoKings and you will receive every penny that you win.

Thanks to LottoKings service, you can now play the world’s richest lotteries without leaving your seat. All you need is a computer and a credit card. They’ll do the rest.

Become a lottery millionaire today!

* Play from home or office.
* Play anytime 24 hours a day 
* Subscriptions can run up to a 26 weeks, so you don’t need to remember to place your bet
* We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express
* Automatic email notification when you win
* Real-time account system to keep track of your orders and winnings

LottoKings provides a safe, fun, rewarding and trouble-free service. If at any point you are not happy with their service or simply change your mind about playing the lottery, they will refund the unused portion of your subscription – No questions asked.

LottoKings provides a legal, high-quality and responsible service that allows you to bet on the outcome of the official lotteries around the globe. The company does not have a relationship (either direct or indirect) with any lottery commission or operator. LottoKings does not share in the prizes that our customers win – You will receive 100% of anything you win. The company does not claim any share of the prizes they may win.

Who is LottoKing

LottoKings is an established service for lottery fans wishing to play the richest games from around the world. LottoKings operates globally through its own offices and a network of associates.

They offer their service to lottery players around the world, making it possible for you to bet at the richest lotteries simply and securely.

LottoKings do everything in their power to make your playing experience safe, fun, rewarding and stress-free. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please contact us on info@lottokings.com. Their team will do everything they can to respond as soon as possible.

They are also a company that cares about social responsibility and aims to consolidate a responsible corporate operation. They base the management of our business on 2 main principles:

1. An ethical and transparent relationship with the groups that they interact with in their daily operations: collaborators, suppliers, communities, consultants, consumers, employees, clients, governments and associations.

2. Corporate goals compatible with sustainable development.

Furthermore, part of their revenues will be used to raise the living conditions of many poor communities within Latin America.

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