Supporting the 5 in 5 Charity Challenge

We are supporting the 5 in 5 Charity Challenge. Will you?

In such a busy World we live in, it’s never easy to give up your own time to support the most needed or raise funds for charities that very much depend on it. Well; Charles, Kerion and Adrian have set themselves a huge challenge and will be doing exactly this!

Funds raised will go to ‘The Lionel Perez Cardiac Rehab Centre’ and ‘Cancer Relief Centre’, both local charities in Gibraltar.

TopOnlineLottoSites is proud to support the 5 in 5 charity challenge!

How TopOnlineLottoSites & YOU will be supporting the 5 in 5 charity challenge

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Amount raised so far: £150

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*Donation cap set at £5,000.

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Meet the 5 in 5 Team

Charles Harrison, Kerion Alvarez and Adrian Lopez will be taking on the charity challenge. 5 Half Ironmans in 5 days, this will consist of 1.9kms swam, 90km cycled and 21.2km run on 5 consecutive days. May 2020 is the date.

Team 5 in 5
Team 5 in 5
(From left to right: Adrian, Charles & Kerion)

Team member No. 1: Charles Harrison

Charles works as a HM Customs officer and has been involved in triathlon for about 4 years now, he has raced quite a bit in the Andalucia circuit during this time, he has completed quite a few half Ironmans and clocked 12hrs 10 in full ironman Mallorca. Charles decided to take on this challenge and raise awareness and money for the charities because the cancer relief centre is a charity that helped his family when his mother passed away in 2015. Unfortunately his father is currently battling cancer and again the centre has been there for them. He quoted “I will probably “suffer” for 5 days during the event but I cant even imagine how much people with Cancer suffer.

Team member No. 2: Kerion Alvarez

Kerion is currently serving in HM Customs and previously served his full 22 year service in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment. In 2015 Kerion had the misfortune of suffering a life changing heart attack. Determined to prove to himself that this was not going to set him back in any way or form he used it to empower himself and so the slow journey to recovery begun both in the Cardiac Rehab Centre and then on his own.

After the Cardiac Rehab Kerion began running and cycling, and in time transitioned to triathlons. New to this sport Kerion went to challenge himself from doing the local Gibraltar Sprint triathlon to the Marbella Half Ironman in May 2018 with other several races along the way. Empowered by this Kerion then went onto summiting Mont Blanc, the highest Peak in Europe at a height of 4,810m.

Never the less the journey has not been an easy one. It has been marked with several set backs that required medical attention. But driven by perseverance and determination and the love for outdoor sports, Kerion continues to push himself under the close eye and guidance of his doctors.

Determined to raise awareness for Cardiac sufferers and most importantly the Cardiac Rehab Centre, Kerion proposed to not just do 1 Half Ironman in a day, but to do 5 Half Ironmans in 5 days along with 2 of his closest friends. Kerion would also like to promote a healthy balance lifestyle and encourage people to get out doors and no matter your age or condition, if you set a goal and really want to, the body and mind can achieve wonders.

Team member No. 3: Adrian Lopez

Adrian has been working for the GSLA for the past 15 years after being a professional dancer in the UK. Mr Lopez has always been an extremely active person and keen sportsman. It wasn’t until two years ago that he has entered the world of triathlons. Having completed a half marathon, an Olympic and a sprint triathlon, he’s participated in the Marbella 70.3 Ironman early this year, completing it in 5hrs 39mins. Later, he then went on to tackling the tough cycle of 145km with 3,800m elevation at this year’s Sierra Nevada Limite, completing it in 7hrs 27mins.

Adrian is very much looking forward to his toughest challenge yet; the 5 in 5!! He is thrilled to be able to do this with close friends and together, raise as much funds as possible for two worthy causes.

These two charities are very important to Adrian as he has experienced first hand, how family members of his have battled both cancer and heart conditions. He quoted “I am very fortunate that my brother beat cancer and my father survived a massive heart attack. They are both true warriors and have inspired me to undertake this tough challenge.”

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