Why Play the Lottery Online

20 reasons to play the Lottery Online!

One could argue the only reason to play the lottery online is to get rich quick and yes; you are right!

The get rich quick factor appeals to everyone and if it requires minimal work; even better. By simply purchasing a lotto ticket online you can see your bank account grow overnight without much effort. But what is it behind the get rich quick factor that drives people to try their luck, Bet on the lottery and get rich quick?

We have browsed through different articles online for reasons on why people want to get rich. We have also asked family and friends the same question. Here are 20 reasons why people bet on the lottery Online and want to get rich quick! (In no particular order)

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#1 Give my parents a retirement where they don’t have to work if they don’t want to*

It is thanks to our parents that we are who we are. They have worked hard during their life to bring us up and care for us all these years. What better way to reward them for doing all they have than by giving them a retirement plan they deserve. Play the lottery online and winning the lottery will allow you to splash some cash at them. You will be able to buy them their dream home, car, holiday, basically spoiling them rotten.

Worth every penny in my opinion.

#2 Comfortable, sometimes gaudy lifestyle*

Living a comfortable life is certainly important. We always worry about paying bills. Whether we’ll keep our job during redundancies. Whether we’ll be able to buy the stuff we need. Winning the lottery will put your worries aside for life. You’ll be able to afford practically anything you want without the fear of receiving your next water/electricity bill.

#3 Make career decisions because I want to, not because of money*

Sometimes we are stuck on what we do rather than focusing on what we really want to be doing. Be it because you have a “secure job”, you earn a decent living, there is the fear of failure. With a solid financial backing you’ll be able to turn to what you want to do and give it a go. If it fails you just need to think of something else that will keep you busy, maybe go fishing. Play the lottery online and start making the decisions you want!

#4 Stay in touch with my friends by seeing them in person often*

Friends are for life not just for Christmas (I know, it’s ‘Pets are for life not just for Christmas but thought it be relevant to this post too).

True friends have been there for you during your best and worst times. Having the liberty of meeting up more often and possibly supporting them financially in a dream project of theirs will give you self-satisfaction.

#5 Start a scholarship fund for high school/college entrepreneurs*

Helping someone get into higher education is as important as giving them advise. There are talented people out there who unfortunately cannot afford to pay for high school/college. Giving them that opportunity is certainly rewarding and allows you to give back to your community in a productive way.

#6 I Hate Being Told What to Do**

Guess that after winning the lottery the only person who will be telling you what to do is the person in the mirror. Possibly your financial adviser of course. You will gain the freedom to wake up at the time you want, go out without having to be at work (Especially on time) and do as you please with who you please.

#7 Avoiding Dependency**

Having to depend on others can become awkward especially if it’s to pay bills. 100% self-sufficient is what we all want to aim for and winning the lottery is certainly an easy ticket to getting there.

#8 No Limits on Income**

Is there such thing as ‘No limit income’? I’ve always understood that the more we earn the more spending power we have and people tend to buy bigger, more expensive things when they find themselves with a little bit extra cash. You’ll have a bit more than a bit of extra cash by winning the lotto but you can also go from a decent watch to a branded exclusive watch worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, from a car to buying a yacht and from a holiday once a year to owning a villa in the World’s most exclusive locations so you have an excuse to visit them regularly.

Spend but spend wisely!

#9 Increase Self-Esteem**

Sometimes we shy away from those who have more and bigger things than we do. Our esteem might be boosted when our spending power is increased. We gain confident in what we do and what we buy. Winning the lottery is not the only way to achieve this but it is certainly one way to achieve it.

#10 People want wealth for the same reasons they want kids***

I tend to agree and disagree at the same time with this one. I don’t think the relationship between kids and money is totally the same. Unless, you look at it where people are fully satisfied in life if they have a family and are well off financially – after all both are rewarding in their own ways.

Having kids is extremely rewarding and definitely fills your life with happiness (Ok – as long as they let you sleep at night). You’ll want and have kids to have a family and this can happen with a lot or little money.

Wanting wealth allows you to buy more things but does will it give you as much happiness as a family does?

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#11 It offers choices****

Oh yes and plenty which can become overwhelming. Winning a prize like often won on the lotto allows you to choose from a wider range of goods and products. In other words, you get spoiled for choice. Not having to worry how you going to pay for something you really want. Not having to go for the cheaper option will definitely be nice. Play the lottery online and let the choices roll in.

#12 It can provide freedom and security****

Freedom from recurring bills YES and security YES too as long as you spend wisely. With a big winning your life can be sorted. You can enjoy life by doing what you like most and not because there is a need to do it. A free and secure future is what we all wish for.

#13 It offers countless opportunities to make a difference in the world****

Before we mentioned about ‘Start a scholarship fund for high school/college entrepreneurs’. You can also contribute into research, build something for your community, and support the most needed. You’ll be in the driving seat to make a difference to those around you and even around the World!

#14 Beats being broke any day of the week****

Broke is a word you can definitely remove from your dictionary. The day you win the EuromillionsEurojackpotPowerball or any other online lotto. You’ll have enough money to live life all over again and this time spend like there’s no tomorrow (With reason that is).

#15 Buy a brand new sports car, watch, yacht, bigger house

Wouldn’t we all want to upgrade our old car to a sports car. Buy a nicer watch. A nice boat to go fishing on Sundays and a bigger house to have your own gym/pools room? Well, after hitting jackpot on any play lotto online you can surely pass all these things from your “wish list” to your “to do” list. You can have them all at a blink of an eye.

#16 Quit my job

Well, I do love my job so it would be hard to leave it but what the hell. I’m straight out the door. I’d probably come to work for a while to enjoy the moments of knowing I don’t have to be here anymore. Buy myself 7 different sports cars and park them on my boss’s car space. I’d also secretly buy pizza and ice-cream every day for the whole office without telling anyone it’s me paying for them. Play the lottery online, hit the big jackpot and go enjoy life.

Just for a laugh!

#17 Start a charity fund

In #5 & #13 I’ve mentioned very similar points to this one however, starting a charity fund goes above and beyond helping your local community or helping those who cannot afford higher education.

My long-term ambition in life is to dedicate myself to setting up my own funded trust. Simply, support the most needed around the World. A lot of charities out there take a big chunk of the money donated to run the charity. This will be self-funded and 100% will go to building schools in remote areas. I would provide the right equipment to farmers in the Third World countries so they can make a difference in their communities.

Oh I so wish I could win the Euromillions just to get this up and running. I’ll just have to play the lottery online till I win big!

#18 Start my own business without the worry it will succeed or not – just for fun!

Everyone wants to start their own business and be their own boss. A lot of people search for get rich quick programs so long as they don’t have to go into work the following day.

Starting a business is not easy especially at the beginning when one has so many overheads and no secure income. If you play the lottery online and win a Eurojackpot prize, you can start your own business. You can have the liberty of starting whatever you want and run it without the fear of not being able to pay bills or pay your employees. Not every successful start-up requires millions to start off but having that peace of mind definitely helps.

#19 Give my kids a better life

Life itself has changed and things are a lot more expensive. We also tend to travel more than our parents used to, get a mortgage which was unheard of and spend a lot more money on luxury things.

We sometimes get carried away when buying things for our kids. Kids don’t have to be spoiled but as parents we tend to give them everything we can. Having the financial backing to be able to buy them nice things is self-rewarding too.

Education is key but play the lottery online, win big and buy your son a Ferrari on his 18th Birthday would be nice 

#20 Thrill of winning big

The fact that we have won something is good enough. Have you had money back in a draw or maybe won £20? What was the feeling like? Imagine multiplying that feeling by 50 million when hitting a big jackpot in one of the Top Online Lotto Sites draws!

We all like to think it will one day be us. Well… if you don’t take part I guarantee it won’t be you. Play the Lottery Online today and be in for a chance to hit the big jackpots, cash in a nice cheque and enjoy all the 20 points we have listed above.

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